Artemis Ashley ✨



Hi, my name is Ashley and my area of expertise is divination via creation. Art, astrology, tarot, magic… I really enjoy creating and divining with my hands! I’m a Gemini Rising with Mercury in Pisces, go figure.

My strongest psychic skills are clairvoyance and clairsentience. I get the majority of my psychic impressions and insights via my mind’s eye and creative visualization, as well as through sensations in my actual body. Basically, when I look at things, whether it’s an astrological natal chart or a tarot spread, I work with my spirit team and third eye to channel messages from the Other Side to you.

I also channel energy when I create art. Creativity isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s my lifeblood and connection to all that is worth exploring and diving head first into in the mystical experience that is life. So if you’e into receiving creative inspiration, or some guidance from how to approach a situation from a cosmic + astrological perspective, I’m ya gal!

This past winter I have been focusing on my connection with the Other Side through mediumship training with the fantastic Chuck Murphy. As I develop my skills throughout the year, I will begin to offer this service to others as well.