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First Quarter Taurus Tarotscope

A hoy hoy, stardusts. On Wednesday we had the first quarter moon in Taurus. This is like a trigger point, showing us what's blocking the path from whatever it was that was planted during that Cappy New Moon. Next week we're going to have a lot of light shed onto what needs to be released, but chances are you've already got a good idea on that. Your actions and words matter, and between Wednesday of this week and now you've most likely seen just how quickly things can escalate when we don't take the time to assess and waltz into life with our head firmly planted on our shoulders. Even if nothing is up with you, look at the environment around you from a personal to global level and you'll notice some patterns. The Zodiac passes the moon like a foosball this weekend; between Friday and Sunday Luna goes from the tail end of Taurus, through Gemini, and into Cancer by mid-day Sunday.  I recommend some comfy clothes, your favorite food, and something that sparks up pure nostalgia for you to enjoy Sunday evening! I'm probably going to be buried under blankets on the couch and playing some games myself. Get yourself feeling safe, nurtured and relaxed and you may have some very potent and telling dreams.


Aries – The Star [Grimes – Belly of the Beat]

Everybody dies in the point they arise and we dance like angels to / Breaking all you need in the shapes of faiths and knowledge of you

If you can sit still with yourself, you can hear your future telling you it’ll be OK and you’ve made it. You’re so bright and are shining a lot of light, Ram babes. This would be a great time to network and show everyone how bright you are by being your natural self. If you’ve been viewing a situation much differently than how it used to be, consider your progress or where you can evolve your interactions with others to not repeat the past. Things can be way different moving forward if you remember your mistakes and honor yourself by slowing down enough to assess the terrain you’re about to charge into head first.


Taurus – 8 of Wands [Marina & The Diamonds - Soltaire]

And all the other jewels around me / They astounded me at first / I covered up my heart in boundaries / And all the fakes, they called me cursed / But I'm not cursed, I'm not cursed / I was just covered in dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt

Taurus, it’s OK to retreat. Don’t allow your stubbornness to cause you to burn out. Your need for solitude to reground yourself is paramount to your success, in whatever way that means to you. Don’t let people stretch you thin by demanding too much from you. You can get it done, they know you can get it done, but sometimes you just have to say no. You care, and that is what makes you so great, but recognize your need to give back to yourself so that you can continue to spread your love to others like grapes on a vine. Treat yourself right and watch things fly into place.


Gemini -   4 of Pentacles [Metric – Grow Up and Blow Away]

If this is the life / Why does it feel so good to die today? / Blue to gray / Grow up and blow away

Baby, what is you doing?! Yes, even the flightiest Gemini is grounded by grounding people. But does your heart want to stay on the ground forever? And do you know where and why it wants to go somewhere else? Where are you not getting that  mercurial magic in your life where it used to be, and why has it disappeared? Sometimes we trade in a little bit of what makes life special in order for security. A lot of times we do this with who we choose to focus our love on. Have you compromised too much without even realizing it? Did your love even request that of you or did you just do it without even asking? Figure it out.


Cancer – Queen of Pentacles [SZA – Normal Girl]

This time next year I'll be livin' so good / Won't remember your name, I swear / Livin' so good, livin' so good, livin' so good / This time next year I'll be livin' so good / Won't remember no pain, I swear / People got you figured out, I was just a normal girl

Dreamy Cancer, I am so happy to tell you right here and right now that if you really wanna get what you want, like deep down in the deepest of your crabby bones, BE YOURSELF. All the way all the time, past present and future, if you can dedicate yourself to being the most you on the daily you will get the foundation of your Cancer dreams. I know you don’t like to get too far out of the shell and lose your security, so I’m gonna let you in on a secret: you have to start with babysteps with this kinda shit anyways, mama. Little by little, a minute a day to start out with, just commit to creating the time every single day for your youest you and watch yourself rise.


Leo – The Hanged Man Reversed [Fiona Apple - Daredevil]

Seek me out / Look at, look at, look at, look at me / I'm all the fishes in the sea / Wake me up / Give me, give me, give me what you got / In your mind, in the middle of the night

You’re royalty, so stop looking backwards at trash. You survived the hardest part, now it’s time to figure out how to not let it have a hold on your mind and heart. You might have lost someone or something from your pride that feels irreplaceable, but let it go. It might not have even been something you even LIKE, but it was instrumental to your view of yourself. It’s gone for a reason. Even if you know that and recognize it, let it go even more. Something better is on the horizon if you can manage to sit with the angst, grief and hard feelings long enough to let them go.


Virgo – King of Wands Reversed [Metric - Hardwire]

Let the silence settle in our bones. / You are everything you are nothing at all.

How much does your childhood have a grip on your life right now, flower child? In what ways do domineering, angry, controlling and dictatorial behaviors cause you to jump back in time to your childhood and just want to be rescued? Don’t you know that time is over? You’re far too sweet and nurturing to get caught up in darkness of the past and letting it control your now. Treat yourself like you treat everyone else in your life and heal by opening your eyes and not allowing your ghosts to control your life. You’re very forgiving by nature, maybe it’s time to take some time to forgive yourself for not having been able to predict it all from the very beginning. You’re only human after all.


Libra – The Chariot [Fiona Apple – Never Is A Promise]

But as the scenery grows, I see in different lights / The shades and shadows undulate in my perception / My feelings swell and stretch I see from greater heights / I understand what I am still too proud to mention to you

This is the card of moving the fuck on, babe. Don’t allow your pride to get in the way of you saving yourself from danger. You’ve gone through this before and you sure as hell already know you’re not here for doing it again. It doesn’t matter if they don’t like you. I’ll repeat, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you care if you like you. So, if you’re feeling extra clingy or really wanting to get a specific response from someone, stop and ask yourself in what ways are you ignoring what you truly want in life? With your family, friends, job or love life, in what way could you be more like your true self? I think you’ll find that people are far more accepting of how wonderful and worthy of it than you are giving them credit for. You will find people that love that, there’s no need to stick with what you know isn’t working. You’re ready to be with and get to know yourself, so help a friend out like you always do and get to it.


Scorpio – King of Swords Reversed [Purity Ring - Repetition]

Make your way in through my tears and I'll relax / If you're the truest one, I'm gonna make you a season / Climb up in my rattling spine and I'll contract / Tell me I'm the only one and I'll move back /If you see your daydreams in me, they'll not lack / What's been weighted in me, I'll make you quake with reason

Scorpio, you have got to let people in. I get it, people shouldn’t automatically be trusted and they should earn your approval. You’ve got too much loyalty to risk getting crushed by someone disappointing you like that anymore. And that’s completely understandable. I’m not saying that you should put yourself in any kind of uncomfortable position, but maybe if you’re just a little bit more willing to see people beyond what’s hurt you in the past you will be pleasantly surprised. How do you talk to yourself in your head, little scorpion? Get to the root of that mean voice that triggers old wounds and burn it down.


Sagittarius – Knight of Swords [Willow - Flowers]

Remembered how we can all shift the weather / Because, love is the air we breathe, the people we see / The realization that we’re all in unity / So you and me, and I and I / We're the flower

You’ve probably felt way lighter since the year rolled over, Saggo. Remember to be vocal to yourself about how you feel about you, don’t spend too much time on how anyone else thinks. You’ve probably had to let go of some people or places over the past three years, don’t let rosy colored glasses cause you to slip back into some outdated ways of thinking. You let go of it, just because it comes near your path again doesn’t mean you have to pick it back up. Stick to your moral compass and your new vibe and way of thinking will spread to those around you. Walk the walk, Centaur! The best way to preach is to embody what you believe in to the fullest. Good thing you’re made for that.


Capricorn – 4 of Swords Reversed [Rihanna – Same Ol’ Mistakes]

Feel like a brand new person / So how will I know that it's right? / In a new direction / So how will I know I've gone too far? / Stop thinking you're the only option (feel like a brand new person)

Capricorn, when you’re dedicated you’re dedicated. That is one of your greatest strengths. That can also be a pretty big weakness to your vitality when you push it too far too, though. It’s time to do an audit on what is taking your energy right now. Where are you spending your most time? How do you feel about it while you’re there? Work, home, at game night, wherever. You’re great at drawing boundaries and making decisions when they need to be made, figure it out so you can get some actual rest and continue your grind.


Aquarius – 6 of Pentacles Reversed [The Flaming Lips – Race For The Prize]

Two scientists are racing / For the good of all mankind / Both of them side-by-side / So determined / Locked in heated battle / For the cure that is their prize / But it's so dangerous / But they're determined / Theirs is to win / If it kills them / They're just humans / With wives and children

You’re known for being able to detach from emotionally uncomfortable moments, Aquarius. That’s a pretty strong coping mechanism, and you have it for a reason. You don’t have to force yourself to confront anything you don’t want to, but if you have people who care about you it might be a good time to start talking to them more about what sets you off for a bad trip to feels town you’d rather not go on. People who respect your boundaries and are willing to make you more comfortable when you’re uncomfortable are out there, you just have to have a little faith in humanity.


Pisces – 2 of Swords Reversed [Camera Obscura – William’s Heart]

If it's a single man or a single malt / That I take in my arms when I'm feeling low / You'll say honesty has made me cruel / I say you're soft and you're made of wool

Twin Fish, if you’re going to beat yourself up about it no matter the outcome, you deserve to figure out how to deal in a way that doesn’t affect every fiber of your sensitive being. You aren’t as alone as you think you are, you just have to remember to come back down to earth long enough to remember the language. Your tribe is ready and waiting to give you the boost you need to find the courage to conquer your fears. It’s as hard as it is easy to be openly loving and giving the benefit of the doubt. If you stand up for yourself in small ways more often, saying the really important stuff won’t hurt as much.


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