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Leo Full Moon Eclipse Tarotscope

Those ultra potent eclipse feefees are stronkkkkkkk. I hope you're able to catch the glittering vibe of this Leo Full Moon Eclipse, babes and babettes. Your tarotscopes are below:


Aries - 10 of Cups Reversed

[Jenny Lewis - Love U Forever]

Now we are living in Ladonia Estates / And we eat out every night and drink every day / But there are some things money cannot say / Like the feeling of hell in a hallway

Aries, don’t forget how much extra room you need to keep your fires stoked. You’re great and inspiring and getting other people stoked on life, how often do you do that for yourself? Don’t let comfort keep you from living your life to its fullest. Make sure your values are aligned with those you care about the most. You’ll be surprised by how many people are willing to meet you half way if you just give them the chance before you headbutt your way to the next party in life.


Taurus - Page of Pentacles Reversed

Sleigh Bells - Riot Rhythm

You've got a smart best friend, she's OK / Have you had a smile today / Push the door and take your seats / I've been seen playin' for keeps

It’s ok to be wrong about someone, Taurus. Is someone you’ve let into your heart a little too determined to prove their worth by constantly comparing themselves to you? Don’t allow someone’s lack of self-worth to undermine your own self confidence. Figure out how to shake off their stank vibes and shine your brightest. You don’t have to dim your light and stop being your best self just because knuckleheads can’t keep up with your slay.


Gemini - Four of Wands

Beulah - Silver Lining

Frozen in window displays / Where did you hide all those days we’d waste? / Fading but I see her still / She’ll always be my punk rock girl

Alright, kid... stop being afraid of confronting your feelings! I know it’s hard, but don’t you wanna find something that lifts you up instead of holding you down? You’re so good at flying high, stop doubting yourself. Likeminded individuals are all around you, you just have to be willing to acknowledge and find them. Don’t keep yourself down in the dumps because it’s all you know, sometimes our idea of stability is causing us some severe heartache. Figure it out!


Cancer - The Hanged Man Reversed

Third Eye Blind - Burning Man

The stars they shine in an empty void.  / Life is not to fear, life is to enjoy / He'll get you / Mr. Death catches all someday.

You’re slowly unfurling into someone you’ve always wanted to be, my little crabbypatty. It really stings though, doesn’t it? Sit with the uncomfortableness you’re swimming in right now and you’ll gain some amazing insight. I know you like to have plan after plan to ensure your safety isn’t compromised, but maybe a little bit of accepting you don’t always know the answer will do you some good. You’re a creature that’s born to appreciate the ebb and flow, enjoy the ride and journey and not just the destination.


Leo - King of Cups

Sampha - Kora Sings

You don't know how well you are / Or just how strong you are / You don't know how strong you are

You’re feeling the eclipse wave harder than anyone else, Little Lion. It hurts when you deny yourself the ability to roar with pride. Let your feelings wash over you and show you what is most important. Sometimes we let ourselves get in the way of what we really want because it hurts our pride to admit our sites were off course. Let the tears flow so you can let go. You’re a child of creativity who can spin gold out of the saltiest tears, don’t be afraid to cry. It isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength.


Virgo - Page of Wands Reversed

Tegan & Sara - Want To Be Bad

Don't get in / Over your head / I just want to be bad / Oh oh alright

Don’t forget to do what you do best and plan, Virgo. It’s been rough the past few years and you’re beyond ready to make a change that stokes your inner fire that will last for good this time. If anyone can do it, it’s you! Lean into those organization and multi-tasking skills so you can set yourself up for success. Don’t allow your emotions now to cause you to short circuit down the road. A new adventure awaits.


Libra - Knight of Cups Reversed

Jimmy Eat World - My Sundown

With one hand high / You'll show them your progress / You'll take your time / But no one cares / No one cares / I could be so much more than this

Libra, the biggest social circle in the world doesn’t matter if no one is willing to connect with you on a deeper level. You already know you’re tired of playing nice and diplomat all the time to fair weather friends and lovers. Don’t you know that people who are willing to listen and connect are out there? They are. Stop settling for mediocrity because you’re afraid to go it alone for a little bit. Imagine what your life would be like if you loved yourself as much as you worried about losing people you don’t really care all that much for now anyways. You’ve survived worse than starting over, and you’ve got this. Fuck em.


Scorpio - Queen of Wands Reversed

Grimes - Colour of Moonlight

Close your eyes and tell me what you see

Have you been much more demanding lately, Scorpio? Don’t forget to vocalize why you’re wanting to sting so badly, or else the situation is going to keep happening over and over. You’re great at rebirth, you just have to get to the root of the issue first. Sometimes it takes a super deep dive to see something for what it really is. Take some time for yourself to let what’s bothering you bother you before you get reactive and shift the feelings on someone else. When you start to feel the fire rise you know you’re on the right track. Close your eyes and connect.


Sagittarius - Page of Cups Reversed

Purity ring - dust hymn

Water spills down o'er the glass, left always full / There's a dew under the bed / Where sweat and dreams have dread / Your feet would touch the floor / Drift around our board / Hang you like a lullaby

The Sagittarius optimism is strong, but how has looking at the glass half full gotten you into trouble? If you know there is trouble, listen to yourself! Your creativity will continue to be blocked and sputtering until you address the comfortable truth you go to sleep with every night. It’s time to release what’s hurting you so you can be free to learn and explore life.


Capricorn - King of Swords Reversed

Grimes - Laughing and Not Being Normal

When the leaves begin to fall / I try to catch 'em all

Things die, Cappy. You know this harsh truth better than anyone else. But it doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up about the past. Loosening your grip allows you to experience the lighter side of life, something you absolutely have to make time to do in order to not slog through your everyday down in the dumps. If someone wants to skip away, let them go. It isn't a reflection of your value as a person. What matters is how you treat yourself during and afterwards.


Aquarius - 9 of Pentacles

Sleater-Kinney - Fade

All of the roles that we played / Hit your mark, push the walls, stretch the stage / Oh, what a price that we paid / My dearest nightmare, my conscience, the end

You’re so close to renewal, Aquarius. Some old paradigms and modes of operation are on the way out of your psyche, and good riddance! No matter where you are right now, take some time to bask in the fact that you’re still here on earth. You have resources and reminders all around you that it’s been worth the fight to not peace out to the alien Aquarius mothership in the sky. You’re so close to your vision of home here, go get em.


Pisces - Strength Reversed

Rilo Kiley - Don’t Deconstruct

Judging from picturebooks / Apparently Heaven is a partly cloudy place / And if the sky opened up and they let you in / And gave you a formal invitation, would you go? / You can work from home

Sometimes it feels easier to be a wreck and in constant meltdown mode instead of taking the time to be kind to yourself. This is a trick our mind plays on us, because it takes a hell of a lot of energy to board and stay on the hot mess express. It' ain't easy! I know you’re aware of that from a logical perspective, so maybe it’s time to access your logical side to assess some shit you’ve been holding onto for entirely way too long. You can pick apart everything until you fall asleep every night, but if that’s the way you set up your coping mechanisms perhaps it’s time to develop some new ones. Like standing up for yourself.

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