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Aries Mercury Retrograde

Today, Mercury goes into its shadow period until its Retrograde begins on March 22nd. Shadow here doesn't mean anything negative, it is just the term used for when Mercury reaches the degree in the zodiac that it will end its retrograde at!

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What the fuck even IS Mercury Retrograde?

Basically, it's a trick of the eye from our view on earth. Mercury's orbit around the sun will appear to be going backwards in the sky. In reality, trickster Mercury is playing ocular illusions on us and is actually closer to the earth on this particular part of its orbit around the sun.

Mercury is a zippy, fast paced mofo. As the closest planet to the sun, it's used to twirling around in orbit much faster than say, Pluto. It takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the sun. It takes 88 days for Mercury's fleet-footed ass to make its way 'round that big ball of gas.

What's that mean, astrologically? Basically, if you're flying by the seat of your pants and not paying attention to what you're doing, mistakes are more likely to happen. 

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Take the time to slow down, read the fine print, and not let people rush you into making decisions and you will be fine. This is also not the time to be pushy and trying to rush people into decisions, either. It goes both ways, babies. Despite what pop culture is saying, this time isn't something to fear. You can't put your life on hold because of the planets. It's also important during this time to stay on top of your anxiety management game. When planets are retrograde, their energy is intensified. What do humans tend to do when things get intense? They shut down and internalize things... especially when they don't want to deal with what's going on in their lives because they're stressed out and/or anxious. Always remember that the choice is yours. The stars impel, they do not compel.


Consider the themes of what's happening in your life from NOW until the 22nd the start of your Mercury Rx story.

Kinda like you're getting the cliffsnotes of what your focus is gonna be until mid April. The retrograde itself is from March 22 to April 15. But from March 8-21 and April 16-May 4 we have those preface and closing chapters to consider.

Remember that YOU create your reality, so instead of fearing this time, look at it as an opportunity to slow down and re-assess where you are spending your mental energy. Your energy is a currency you use, so it's best to spend it wisely.

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This Mercury Rx will be in Aries, and will be a great time to take stock of where you're not putting your true self first in your life. Remember that Mercury rules communication, how we process information, and our mental energies. If you follow your astrological chart, the areas of 4-17 degrees of Aries are where the Rx will be lighting up. You can also look to 4-17 degrees of Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn in your chart for some extra flavoring of what this Rx may represent for you. Planets falling in these degrees will get hit up by the retrograde.

  • The Cancer square to Aries is all about assessing your emotional security blanket and comfort zone, and how it may be contributing to or stifling your independence.
  • The Capricorn square to Aries is all about assessing where self-discipline is lacking in us from immaturity. Remember that Aries wants to move forward NOW while Capricorn wants to meticulously plan and set a solid foundation.
  • The Libra opposition to Aries is all about assessing how we have been balancing our needs with others. In what ways have you been putting the needs of others in front of your own "to keep the peace"?

You can also look in your chart to 4-17 degrees of Leo and Sagittarius for a harmonious trine aspect, and 4-17 degrees of Gemini and Aquarius for a sextile aspect. Remember that trines are a natural beneficial flow while sextiles will only flow if you take the time to tap into them. These can more or less be like energy boosters you can utilize during the Rx.


Since Mercury is in the sign of Aries, the spotlight in all of this is how our communication, mental process, how we deal or don't deal with our mental issues, relates back to ourselves.

Art by Peter Awax

Art by Peter Awax

This is an invitation for self-actualization. I really want you to take any preconceived notions you've been taught about Mercury Retrograde being a horrible time for everyone and put them in the trash. This can be a great time to set yourself up for success! Just remember to slow it down. Aries energy loves to fly by the seat of its pants and GO, GO, GO. Utilize that desire to get to the root of how you can best get your shine on once this retrograde is over. Your mind doesn't have to be your enemy, how you think about and talk to yourself matters. This is a GREAT time to sit down, figure out how your mind is working against you, and take the time to wield your mental energy to benefit yourself.




Don't know how to look up your chart? The Astrology School has a fantastic video on how to do so:

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