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The Partial Cancer Solar Eclipse

If you're not feeling the Cancer season wave in some form or fashion in your life right now, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING. Do you get charged a bill based on how deep your feelings are or something? No? Then ride that eclipse wave baybeh. The tide is high and I'm ready to cry.

Where in your life can you let go of blockages that are keeping you from feeling safe enough to call in more emotionally satisfying energy, situations, and people?


The Cancer partial solar eclipse is an energetic lookieloo to where the eclipse seasons of 2019 and 2020 will be taking you. Those eclipses will highlight the archetypes of Cancer and Capricorn in both our daily lives and on a global scale. Capricorn and Cancer both like to move forward with their energy. They want to take charge, to initiate, to create. Big dick energy has been a topic during Cancer season for a reason, y'all.

It's a very frothy time in the Cancer seas at the moment. Whatever it is you are feeling right now, it's probably to a very intense degree! Transformation Kween Pluto is also tossing some energy into this eclipse, as well as a freshly rested Jupiter and mystical Neptune. I am translating this is being able to let go of and shut the door for good on the kind of messy drama that you've been wanting to say goodbye to but just haven't quite been able to let go of for whatever reason.

You really gotta want to let it go though, don't mess around with things you're still wanting to let back into your life. Be very aware of what you're planting with your mind, especially ways in which you allow your emotions to dictate your approach and color your perception. You have control over what you react to and how you react to it, and you may find yourself in situations asking if you're truly to drop this and move on to better things.

What makes a solar eclipse so special? It's basically like a new moon with a punch. If your natal chart has planets or angles being activated by this eclipse, its effects can be as far reaching as six months. It's like your likelihood of being able to set new plans into action is waaay up.  Not every single eclipse will be as impactful as ones that light up your chart with activation, but when you're in the zone you're in it! And you will know it. Because this solar eclipse is not the last one we have this year, though, its effects will be about 4 weeks' worth of action. The Leo Solar Eclipse in August will be closing a final chapter on a different in your life that's been shifting since mid 2016. But more on that later!

The eclipse will be exact on July 12th at 9:48PM.


It will be at 20 degrees of Cancer. That means that 20 degrees of any area of your chart are going to be lit up, but especially of the signs Capricorn (in opposition), and Aries and Libra (in square). Any planets falling between 16-24 of these signs will get shooketh.

Aries planets squaring the eclipse will stir up feelings regarding situation where you need to put yourself first, or fight to hold space for your feelings in some way. Libra planets squaring the eclipse will stir up feelings showing us where we need to let go of resentment for putting others' needs ahead of our own, especially when they never asked this of us begin with. Capricorn planets opposing the eclipse will show us where we need to let go of power struggles and needing to be on top of a situation because of control issues.

Scorpio and Pisces planets in that 16-24 degree range can give you a boost or outlet to let your emotions flow so you don't risk having an explosion of feelings.  Taurus and Virgo planets in that 16-24 degree range can give you some inspiration on how to ground out and not get completely swept off the shore while the feelios crash down. 

Sometimes things get intense, but they never stay that way forever. When things get rough, there is some comfort in that guarantee in life. 


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