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Leo Season 2018

You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.
— William Faulkner, Venus in Leo

It's Leo Season! We're in the middle of summer and I am f e e l i n' it. Staying indoors as much as possible during this Texas heat only adds to the frustration of Mars Retrograde... which doesn't end until we're in Virgo season (August 27th to be exact).

This Leo season's highlights are Mercury Retrograde (in the sign of Leo), a bangin' lunar eclipse in Aquarius, a solar eclipse in Leo, and Mars retrograding back into the sign of Capricorn. Don't forget that it's still a jungle out there right now, and it's always best to proceed with a clear mind and careful consideration while everyone is running around wildin' out during eclipse season. 

Leo is the sign of the Lion, and rules the heart. In its essence, Leo is the energy that fuels our creative and generous spirit. Leo is a very proud sign, especially when it comes to dignity and self-respect. It's through cultivating those traits that Leo energy really gets to shine.

Art by  PickledCherryBlossom  on Etsy

Art by PickledCherryBlossom on Etsy

My biggest advice for this Leo season is to take pride in your integrity. Take pride in your sense of self. You can do this by valuing your time, valuing your body, valuing your partnerships and friendships, valuing your family, valuing your job, valuing your creative skill-sets, or whatever enriches your life in some way. Leo season is a great time to remember and celebrate what you take pride in, what gives you life, what inspires and drives you. We live in increasingly distressing times, and remembering to appreciate what we do love and want more of in our lives is super important.

In short, maintain your integrity but also remember to live your life and don't let the bastards get you down. Don't settle for people, places or things that you know are not for you. Pretending to be into something just to not hurt other peoples feelings is just going to end up hurting the both of you at a later date. 

Below are some key dates and times for y'all that like to stay savvy with the planetary movements:


And with that, I'm signing off. Or blogging off. Whatever you wanna call it.

See you, space cowboys 👽,

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