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Setting Space Before Casting

Hello my lovely brujxs! Today I want to talk about something near and dear to my kaleidoscope heart, witchcraft!

Me checking in behind the veil

Me checking in behind the veil

One of the most important aspects to successful magic involves setting up your space. Why is it so important? Well, when we tap into our magic it’s like our ability to become this bright, shiny lantern to what lies beyond the veil get amplified, big time. Your neon light flashes a big ol OPEN FOR BUSINESS sign, and ya just wanna make sure you’re actually communicating and working with the energies that align with your intentions. Properly setting up your space keeps your energy safe and is (in my opinion!) fundamental to not having your spellwork go awry or fizzle out.

This entire process is going to be something very personal to each individual , but I do want to share what that process is like for me in case anyone is looking for a little inspiration or feels lost and doesn’t even know where to start.

Tidy Up



I’m not saying you have to deep clean your entire home every time you cast, but having a clean (both physically and energetically) space to do your thing in is really important. You’re looking for energy that flows, and having clutter where you hold space for your magical workings kinda works against you in that regard. Plus, if you’re working with spirits, deities, etc., how would you feel if someone invited you over and made you sit at a dirty, dusty or cluttered table and served you stale water?

Get Your Energy Aligned

How Venusians take baths, lighting and all

How Venusians take baths, lighting and all

This is going to be a personal preference and experience obviously, but while you’re tidying up your actual space tidy up your energy as well. Whether it’s a shower, some Florida Water, smudging yourself, doing some jumping jacks, visualization, or whatever else calls to you, be sure to call in your energy and strengthen your aura before you get started.

Go to the bathroom, get hydrated, and have a grounding snack (dark chocolate, nuts, root veggies, etc.) and water bottle ready for afterwards

Cleanse the Area

Thank u wiseman Skinner

Thank u wiseman Skinner

I like to use a blend of white copal and myrrh to go about my entire house, and then focus on the actual room I will be casting in. I will also make sure the smoke hits up the back of my head/neck, my arm pits, my palms, and the bottoms of my feet.

While you don’t have to use resins or incense sticks, it’s my go-to! In a pinch I will spray Florida Water and then sprinkle some salt in the corners, doorway, middle, then doorway/windowsills of my room to help chase grody energy out.

Cleanse Your Tools


Candles, pens, paper, herbs, crystals, tarot decks, anything else you may be working with should also be cleansed! Especially if this is something you’ve very recently purchased or received in the mail, clean off the energy of everything else it’s been in contact with. You can do this with the smoke you are already working with to cleanse the area, water, salt, herbs, etc.

Mark Your Cardinal Directions!

Actual footage of me attempting to know which direction I am facing without a lil help

Actual footage of me attempting to know which direction I am facing without a lil help

Whether you put an actual letter to indicate the direction, a crystal that aligns with that direction’s energy, or a tarot card, or whatever else, IMO it comes in very handy to actually have a marker for true north, etc.! Especially when you close your circle out, it can be easy to get turned around after you cast and having some markers helps me out so I wanted to include this and some cardinal associations. (pls note these are the associations I use with the directions, there are many cosmologies that are different!)

  • East - Air, New Beginnings, Spring, the Maiden, dawn, waxing moon, Archangel Raphael, Fixed Star Regulus

  • South - Fire, Protection, Purification, Summer, the Mother, noon, full moon, Archangel Michael, Fixed Star Aldebaran

  • West - Water, Messages, Divination, Fall, the Crone, sunset, waning moon, Archangel Gabriel, Fixed Star Fomalhaut

  • North - Earth, Wisdom, Knowledge, Winter, the Dark Mother, midnight, new moon, Archangel Uriel, Fixed Star Antares

That’s pretty much it from me! For right now anyways. Don’t forget to close your circle out when you’re all done. Sometimes people forget, and it can be easy too if you’ve become ungrounded and suddenly you’re starving, have to pee (idk about y’all but spell and energy work gets my bladder super active!), want to check your phone, and step outta circle then forget to close out… next you find yourself wondering why your keys keep going missing, who keeps opening the pantry door, and why kitty keeps running around and yowling like a banshee at 3:33AM every morning.

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