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Protecting Your Energy at Conventions

Hello cats and kittens, your gal Artemis Ashley is here with some tips on how to protect your neck and not get slimed by bad juju while you’re out trying to enjoy yourself at conventions and any nerdy gatherings. These things can be amazing and inspiring as all hell, but they also have a dark underbelly underneath all the body glitter and artist alley stickers. So here’s 13 of my top tips on how to maintain and keep your vibe when you’re out here navigating nerdy waters:

Tip 01: Cleanse your hotel room, witch!

Florida Water can be diluted. You could add amethyst, herbs, moon water, and anything else you can think of to a Florida Water mix!

Florida Water can be diluted. You could add amethyst, herbs, moon water, and anything else you can think of to a Florida Water mix!

  • When you get to your hotel room, be sure to cleanse that sucker! Even if it’s physically clean, there’s no telling how much residual energy has been building up in it for who knows how long. You don’t have to get complicated with this, but take a few moments to set an intention and clear your space for the weekend ahead. One of my favorite visualizations for space clearing is to visualize a violet flamed grid that comes down into my space, slowly, catching all manner of debris that is not mine or does not serve my highest good. I then visualize the same grid going from left to right doing the exact same thing. To end the visualization, I picture all of the gunk that was combed out of the room being sent into the earth for purification. You could also clap your hands while walking around the room and open the door to tell that stagnant energy to gtfo.

Tip 02: Have some sort of energy clearing spray or program + bless your own bottle of one

  • Whether it’s a bottle of Florida Water, some Frankincense Zum spray, or moonwater you threw some rosemary, orange peel and clove into, having a little bottle of aura cleansing power will do you some good while you’re traversing the crowds or getting squished next to that couple having a drunken fight in the elevator. Of course, spray respectfully! If you are rooming with others be courteous and ask if what you’re bringing is something someone is allergic to before you go hog wild with it. This spray would also come in handy for Tip 01 as well!

Tip 03: Set up a grid at home before you leave to protect your energy

Image from

Image from

  • Nervous about running into that ex who got with your former best cosplay friend? Not sure how to handle that social media stalker that may or may not hunt you down while you’re trying to get to your next panel? Feeling a little self conscious about potentially reading hateful comments about your newest cosplay? Set up a psychic protection grid at home and write your intentions down on a piece of paper to put into the middle of it. A grid with obsidian, black tourmaline, clear quartz, labradorite, amethyst, and purple fluorite would be pretty top notch for keeping your defense shield up from the nasties. When you find the anxiety rising or thoughts start running at full speed, take a deep breath and visualize your grid and intentions, and firmly ask for protection and strength. Deep breath in to draw on its energy, deep breath out to remove the anxiety and frustration from your energy field.

Tip 04: Carry some crystals

  • This goes with Tip 03, but carrying grounding and protective crystals and specimens with you can be pretty empowering! If you choose to create a crystal grid at home, maybe take one of the crystals you are using with you so you feel physically connected to the power of the grid while you’re having fun at the convention. I like to put one in my bra next to my heart when I know I’m going to be in an overcrowded place or surrounded by a lot of gossip while people catch up with each other. Be sure to cleanse your crystal (and do your research because not all of them should be put under running water!) and give it thanks for being such a trooper.

Tip 05: Cast for it!

Image from

Image from

  • If you’re a self identifying witch or witch adjacent it kinda goes without saying that you should call on your power to refill and protect your metaphysical cup. Creating the time to cast for protection, friendship, artist alley prosperity, visibility (or invisibility!), or whatever tickles your broom is a no brainer. Pay attention to what moon phase and sign your convention is going to be under, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect not just from yourself but from the mass of people you will be surrounded by all weekend. A dark moon convention weekend may have people wilding out and letting their shadows come out to play after they’ve bought that third round of shots for everyone. A waxing moon will have people feeling more attractive and magnetic, and a full moon just may expose some truths about your favorite con guest that weekend.

Tip 06: Don’t be an ass

  • Kinda goes without saying, but treat others how you would like to be treated! That isn’t to say you should not stick up for yourself or that you deserve to be treated with disrespect… but don’t forget that when you play petty games you win petty prizes, my loves! Remind yourself that you don’t HAVE to engage with people you do not want to engage with, you don’t HAVE to talk about things you’re over talking about, you don’t HAVE to put everyone’s interests above your own. Above all else, don’t be an asshole to yourself.

Tip 07: Have a ritual bath to really cleanse yourself after a rough day

Bath bombs and image from Haunt Mess Bath Company

Bath bombs and image from Haunt Mess Bath Company

  • Remember that Florida Water I mentioned earlier? That can be added to your bathwater for a nice ritual bath. You can also bless bath-bombs, Epsom salts, and the like to get a really nice detox and cleanse going. Just be respectful to your suitemates and also the cleaning staff. It might sound like a good idea to add a bunch of oils and loose rosemary and cinnamon chips to the tub, but if someone else slips or has to clean up after your mess that’s kind of a jerk move! But a good 30 minute soak can be a real life saver after a particularly brutal day on the convention floor. Whether your muscles are achey, your mind is fried, or you can’t shake a heavy feeling, a bath could really boost you up.

Tip 08: Anoint the back of your neck before you head out of your hotel room in the morning

  • This is an awesome tip I picked up from following Michael Cardenas on twitter (@oldewaysbrujo). When it comes to psychic attack, we can be pretty vulnerable to picking up grotty energy around the upper aura and what I like to refer to as our wifi transmitter. You don’t want to be running around with your wifi unprotected for any lurker to hop onto! Sometimes people refer to “psychic smog” as being cluttered up by other peoples’ junk. Headaches, intrusive thoughts, just feeling kind of bogged down mentally are signs that you’ve got some funk attached to you. Anoint the back of your neck, where your skull meets your neck, with oil or a spray. If you have obsidian you could massage that area to cut any negative energy away. Or you could use selenite to absorb and purify that area. Be creative! I specifically like to have this area of my neck massaged, it’s the first area on my body that tenses up when my energy is picking up info floating in the aethers.

Tip 09: Treat your body kindly

  • I know, I know, I know… it’s con weekend and you wanna kick back and get white girl wasted with your besties and eat chicken nuggies at 3AM while you cry about whatever gay sports anime is popular right now. I GET IT, believe me. But when it comes to releasing energy that is not yours, one of the simplest and quickest ways to get things flowing is to drink a lot of water and eat some grounding food (yes, meat works well with this but also think rich leafy greens and root veggies like carrots, potatoes, ginger shouldn’t be overlooked!). Basically you’re just lubing up your filtration system to continue processing, which in turn helps push waste and energy that isn’t nourishing you out of your body. What’s going on in our bods is often a reflection of what’s going on in our aura, think of it as putting your aura through the rinse cycle.

Tip 10: Ground yourself.

  • If possible, bare feet in the grass. But realistically most conventions are located in concrete jungles, so taking some time to appreciate fresh air when you’re near it helps TONS. A lot of psychic attacks (gossip, slander, the entire site of 4chan (lol), or if you’ve crossed a particularly nasty witch) manifest as anxiety and really gross thoughts about yourself or others. Taking the time to release that stuff and send it into the earth and give yourself a breather is really important in general, but super super super (I cannot stress this enough!) at conventions. Everyone is running around bouncing off each other’s energy and it’s so easy to walk into a cloud of someone else’s grumpy dumps and mistake it as your own issues. Ground yourself, bbs.

Tip 11: Enchant your cosplays and convention outfits

From I Dream of Jeannie

From I Dream of Jeannie

  • This goes along really well with casting before the con, or if you’re super into on the spot magic like I am you could do it in the hotel room as well. You could work with the phases of the moon to enchant your cosplay/clothing and really up your con vibe. Whether it’s sewing a pocket for a crystal or adding a little glamour magic for the cosplay judges, the only limitation is your mind!

Tip 12: Cleanse your phone

  • That little computer you have in your hands packs a powerful punch. Have you ever been having an amazing day and all of the sudden that one tweet or text from someone just instantly drains you of any happy juice you had? It’s really easy for our phones to become a negative vortex of e-stalking social media or tools for hexing, so be a good witch and do what you gotta do to make the lil portal in your hand a way to capture the convention in the way that you want instead of using it as a means to escape or beat yourself up with.

Tip 13: Stay in your power

Sticker from Space Babe Society on Storenvy

Sticker from Space Babe Society on Storenvy

  • I know this last one is way easier said than done, but at the end of the day, even if you had no other tools in your arsenal and just had you… don’t forget that you ARE the spell. It can be very hard to come to terms with or see when we’re in the thick of it, but we give power to what holds power over us. When we obsess over others or allow them to fling crap at us without wiping it off, we are essentially paying homage at an altar to them with our energy. Don’t you know the entire reason some people say the nasty things that they do is because they know you will comb over it in your head over and over? When we do those types of things, we are sending the other person energy. Some people prefer to get the negative energy sent to them because it’s all they know or believe they are worthy of… don’t fall for those games, lovers! The old saying of do no harm, but take no shit rings true here. At the end of the day, you get to decide what you give your energy to whether you like that or not. You’re also allowed to make mistakes and be messy, so be kind to yourself.

Stay safe out there, and have fun!

xx Ashley

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