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Capricorn New Moon Tarotscope

January 16th marked the new moon in Capricorn! It's our first new moon of 2018 and the first new moon in Cap since Saturn rolled into his domicile in December. Below you will find some tarotscopes I've crafted to get you through the next few weeks until the Leo lunar eclipse. I put my deck and music on shuffle to get into the flow and offer some insight on the current energy for your sun and/or rising sign :)


Aries – Queen of Cups
Thank You – Kehlani

So here goes my real life, unscripted
Unwritten for all that you've given
Forgiving, I'm driven
I wanna be better than I was
Greater than I am

Life is really good for you when you are in tune with your feels, Aries. If you’re feeling any type of way about someone right now, say it! Especially expressing admiration to your family, friends, or anyone else who has supported you when the going got tough. This is a time to trust your instincts and the initial feeling you get over a situation. Trust yourself.


Taurus – Queen of Swords Reversed
Lizzo – Truth Hurts

I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch
Even when I'm crying crazy
Yeah, I got boy problems, that's the human in me
Bling bling, then I solve 'em, that's the goddess in me

Yes, the truth hurts, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. But you know your worth, so don’t accept anything less than what honors your magnificent self. Really consider how your views of yourself and who you interact with may be working against you, Taurus. Our words hold power, and how you talk to yourself matters.

Gemini – Wheel of Fortune Reversed
Beulah – Burned By the Sun

And I know what it means to you
And I know what it means to me
And I know how it feels to be b
urned by the sun. The sun, I love the sun. Now I'm sleeping on the sand
Of an unfamiliar land
And I'm dreaming up a plan
To get you on a breeze

Gemini, don’t stall yourself once you know you’re certain you’re living a story very different from those you care about. It’s possible to love and hold space for someone and not allow it to burn those swift lil feet. Luck is on your side right now, but it may be hard to tell up from down when you’re more interested in the lives of everyone else but your own. You’re worthy of paying attention to yourself, even when that seems ultra-scary and weird. 

Cancer – Six of Wands

Fiona Apple – Never Is A Promise

You'll never touch these things that I hold
The skin of my emotions lies beneath my own
You'll never feel the heat of this soul
My fever burns me deeper than I've ever shown to you

You know as well as anyone that we are all going through our own shit and it makes the grass seem greener than it actually is. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and nothing lasts forever. Just because people cannot always completely understand what you are going through doesn’t make your experiences any less valid. Take time to congratulate yourself for where you are at right now, whether it’s where you want to be or not. People view you much differently than you are giving yourself credit for, don’t doubt any praise of admiration that comes your way.

Leo – The World
Aqueduct – Living A Lie

I just can't get it I keep on forgetting
How the last two years of my life have been wasted
Golden opportunities that I could have tasted
It's not living a lie if you're not living at all

Your fate is in your hands, Leo. What have you been choosing to fight with instead of taking what’s yours? Don’t allow others to distract you from what you have chosen to do. Carpe diem, Lionheart. Seize that shit. You might have a project or idea come to fruition soon enough. Your chance to take center stage is right now, don’t be afraid of the spotlight, even if you feel you aren’t ready!

Virgo – The Emperor
Beulah – Your Mother Loves You Son

You've come too far
Think of all the people you'd hurt
You'd only make your mother cry
It's not ok, all right

Life gets rough, and sometimes it feels like the boulder on your back will never lighten. This too shall pass, sweet Virgo. Remind yourself of that when things feel too overwhelming and like you’re stuck. Call on your inner strength to get yourself to safety and recuperation. How are things going with the authority figures in your life? Are you an authority figure to someone else? If you’re stuck in a rut, look there first and you may find some inspiration.

Libra – The Fool
Fiona Apple – Daredevil

Maybe you let me look out for you
Protect what I found in you
And never let it starve
Then that way, you let me stay
Skirtin' the skirt like I want to
And I will try hard to hold onto you with open arms
And don't let me ruin me I may need a chaperone

Little Libra, don’t forget to get validation from yourself and not only from others. You might not know 100% where you are going and what you are doing for the foreseeable future. Sometimes that can be exciting and sometimes that can be terrifying. Usually it’s a mix of both. While you figure it out, don’t forget to check in with yourself frequently to make sure you’re doing what *you* want for you, and not someone else.

Scorpio – Two of Cups
Sleater-Kinney – A New Wave

Let's destroy a room with this love
We can drain out all the power
Steal from the makers who unmade us
Leave them nothing to devour
I am raw material
Make me plastic, make me fuel
I can be, I can be, I can be

If anyone knows how to automatically sniff out some booshit, it’s you, Scorpio. But how often do you allow your own baggage to determine how you feel about others? Don’t allow the past to influence your present, because now is the time to forge some new allegiances and bonds with likeminded babes. Trust your gut instinct, but also don’t allow fear to run the narrative. Your tribe is out there and ready to connect.

Sagittarius – Four of Cups Reversed
Old 97’s – Borrowed Bride

The cat on her mind, the ring in her tan-line
The lowering lids, the perfume is white wine
She's certain her karma is good
Glass houses won't burn but you know this would

Saggo, get it together. You didn’t survive the last three years to throw it all away over a petty spat with someone you care about. Trust me, I know how enticing it is to set fire to what you don’t like and go on your merry way, but you’ve learned enough to know better by now. Luck does always seem to be by your side, but if you find yourself relying on some very outdated emotional coping techniques, it’s time to consider how much they’ve actually been holding you back from growing this entire time. Don’t throw out your future to scratch a temporary itch.

Capricorn – Eight of Cups Reversed
Fleetwood Mac – Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)

Keep me out of your heart
Throw away the key
Don't leave me in the dark
I need you here with me

It’s time to accept that you may have placed more importance on something than you should have. Maybe someone figured out how to get the better of you by figuring out the weak points in your emotional armor. You’re a human being who needs to be nurtured and cared for like anyone else, forgive yourself for not being able to predict what’s happened. There’s no such thing as losing when we learn from our mistakes. It's OK to walk away from something or someone that only wants to take what's yours. Don't allow your emotions to get plucked like a guitar and get played for a fool.

Aquarius – Page of Pentacles Reversed
Jenny Lewis – The Big Guns

What have we done?
Why are we still running from our own failing bodies?
The big guns

Listen, Aquarius. It’s time to get grounded and really consider what you’ve been putting yourself through. Your literal self as in your physical body. Running away from our demons may seem like a worthwhile investment but at some point you’re going to slow down and get a breather, and that’s always when they get caught up, isn’t it? The thing about running away from our mental issues is that they’re inside of us, you can run but you cannot hide forever. No amount of aloof posturing can change that for anyone. So are you gonna be present or continue to torture yourself? The choice is always yours.

Pisces – The Moon
Aqueduct – Zero the Controls

Seems we have become disconnected
Now my heart's a mess of
Tangled cords
I'm feeling pretty useless
But I'm not going back
To the drawing board

Precious Twin Fish, you already know what this is about. You don’t have to beat yourself up for not being able to predict or change things that you’ve seen coming for a long time. Or for not being able to change what's happening. That isn't your job. It’s going to be alright, and I promise the world is not going to end if you muster the audacity to consider yourself first. Maybe it’s time to seek out the advice or counsel of someone not connected to the issue at hand? Sometimes we get so in our feelings that they cloud our normally sound judgment. Remind yourself that you are not stuck with anything forever if you don't want to be.

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